Bath Canine Society
Officers & Committee

Top Row Left to Right: Mr Adrian Marett, Mr Chris Pascoe, Mr Roger Millbank, Mr Geoff Jackson-Haines, Mr Philip Fricker & Mr Julian Barney
Bottom Row Left to Right: Miss felicity Snook, Mr Lee Cox, Mr Bill Browne-Cole,  Mr Chris Laurence, Miss Sarah Keech & Mrs Jacqui Walmsley 

Patron: The late Mrs Beryl Keech

President: Mr C J Laurence MBE QVRM TD BVSc MRCVS

Chairman: Mr Bill Browne-Cole

Vice Chairman: Mr John Lloyd

Secretary: Mr Lee A S Cox

Assistant Secretary: Mr Adrian Marett

Treasurer: Miss Sarah Keech

Assistant Treasurer: Miss Felicity Snook

Show Manager: Mr Lee A S Cox

Chief Steward: Mrs Jacqui Walmsley

Assistant Chief Steward: Mr Geoff Jackson-Haines

Health & Safety Officer: Mr Philip Fricker


Mr Julien Barney, Mr Philip Fricker, Mr Geoff Jackson-Haines, Mr Adrian Marett, Mr Roger Millbank, Mr Chris Pascoe, Miss Felicity Snook, 
Mrs Jacqui Walmsley

Designed by Samantha Mignano-Fricker for Bath Canine Society

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